Day 57 (She deserves what she gets)

Miles traveled: 26                                                                                                                             Total Miles Traveled: 9,839                                                                                                         Location: Boone, NC

Least we forget: Among the more common responses when the subject of women and babies in prison comes up is “she deserve what she gets.” I think this would be a very appropriate response if justice was blind and applied equally to all. Sometimes, we need to look to the extremes to see how justice works. The extreme I will go is the case of Veronza Bowers. You can argue the law in his case and he did his time but after he did his time he is still in prison. It is the very law enforcement agencies that subverted the law to keep him in beyond his time. None of this would have come to light if there were not three law professors that entered the case on his behalf to pursue it to where it is now. You can argue that this is an extreme and I will counter that this sets the stage and the example for every police force in the nation. Nobody has been punished much less called to task for this travesty of justice. Now, I ask you, what chance has our little girl when confronted by power that is unrestrained as is the case of Veronza Bowers.

After a 6 inche rainfall she purrs (must be a mermaid)

More better a hurricane than a tropical storm: Kept waking up last night and this morning wonder just when were the skys going to dry out.  Thought maybe I was hallucinating so I went up to the camp office to ask about the forecast and they said more of the same later in the afternoon. However, they did say that up to this point it was the worst they had ever seen and it was a drop of 6 inches. Had all kinds of nightmares about how the bike was not going to work and visions of trouble shooting jumped through my head. Put the key in the ignition and the engine purred like nothing had happened. Made a promise to myself that the bike would be cleaned, gassed and we were going to roll out at first light tomorrow and that we will. It will be a 9 hour drive starting at the Blue Ridge Parkway. That is nine hours in the saddle not counting gas stops and etc.  I will be packed tonight and tomorrow only need to load bike.

Washed out road: This may not look like much of a washed out road but the owner of the camp came by to tell me not to use this road to get out as the bike would never navigate some of the ruts from the rain. He went to say this was the worst rain he had seen since he had been in Boone. Then he went on to say that he would not be fixing the road because there was another storm headed our way in an hour or so that would be worse than the one we just had. Well, the second storm never appeared but it did rage on all around the valley we were in.

Sleeping cows:  Seen a lot of cows in my life time but never have I seen them sleep on a hillside like this. Now this is a steep hill above the campground and I for one would be tired if I had to climb it. However, it was kinda neat as this was a part of nature I had not seen. More so than any place I have traveled, here there were family farms and it was such a nice sight to see. There is another point that occurred to me as I moved about the town and area.  Americans are over weight and grossly so. I have seen it every time I pull over. However, here in western North Carolina it does not seem to be the case. People look like I was used to seeing in decades gone by.

No Fear: Took a little walk and came upon a rooster with about a dozen hens. He saw me looking at him and his troop and walk up to me as if the challenge me and then let me know that what is his is his and not to be messed with. After a few moments of stare down, he walks along the fence line away from and all dozen or so hens are in tow. Now, there I thought is someone that knows what life is all about.

A conversation: as I was trying to clean the bike, an elderly lady walking her dog stops by and says: don’t want my husband to see it or he just may go out and get one.  That lead to a whole series of comments about this and that then for some reason she ask if I knew Mr Bill and we were down another tract. It seems as if she and her husband go into half a dozan men and women prisons to talk and hold 12 step meetings. Now this women was no slouch but had more years than me and for the life of me had a lot more spunk than I was feeling at the moment. Then out of no where she said: You kinow, my husband was the first man I loved and the fourth man I married. He was a total drunk and had to let him go but went on and married three more before I came back to him. She went on to say, I just did not know what to do with someone that did not drink. Then after several years in
Alenon she got it and by then her husband had been clean for a number of years. She then said when they first got back together he really made her mad. She said his first priority was his sobriety, his second was his meetings and she was third. Then she said that without the first two priorities there would be no him to love. Go figure.

Tomorrow: I turn the bike south and head home via the Blue Ridge Parkway and I-75. Intend to pack everything but the sleeping bag so I can be out at zero dark thirty. The TomTOm says it is a 9 hour run, allowing two hours for gas stops and an hour or so for meals makes it about 12 hours. Throw in some rain and I just may find a place to sleep. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.


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