Day 58 (Did she get what she deserved?)

Miles Traveled: 373                                                                                                                    Total Miles Traveled: 10,212                                                                                             Location: McDonough, GA.

Least We Forget: Years ago when I was a young marine, in every place I was stationed there was always 3, 4, 0r 5 men that had done some not so good things that found themselves in front of a judge and given the choice prison or the service. Can not think of any I knew that turned out bad. Kids do some not so good things and most is out of shear stupidity while others maybe out of a drug habit or who knows what.

A matrix of vigilante justice: This matrix exists at both the state and federal levels. At the state level we have Frank Valdes and Martin Anderson. At the federal level have the case of Veronsa Bowersas well as rendition by the CIA. These are not only facts but serve as examples of institutionalized vigilante justice for the local levels of law enforcement.

A question: Does the case of  Hope Sykes fall into the matrix of vigilante justice. If this is the case then just what chance does our young mother have when confronting the full force of the criminal justice system?

The way to start a day: Now, I have heard great arguements about the this and that of a natural or healthy breakfast. But for me, it is comfort food and that is a Bagel, a cup of coffee or tea and a newspaper. Well, it was early today and the only others in the shop were an elderly couple of whom one was a retired truck driver. He mentioned that he liked my bike and asked where I was headed with it loaded down as it was. I commented that it was more better where I had been and we were off talking about this place and that. Then he asked why I was doing it and she like what was said. Well, they finished and left. When it came time for me to pay my bill the cashier said it had already been paid by the couple I was talking to who had long gone. This was not the first time such a kindness has been offered to me for what I do. My sense is that there are as many at one end of the spectrum of likes and dislikes for what I do.

Here we go again: As I was leaving town, this front started moving in on me or maybe I started moving in on it. The thought ran through my head: OK universe, give it your best shot because this will be your last day and there is nothing you can do to me that you have not already done. Then it occurred to me as the words were rolling out of my mouth with a few superlatives mixed in that maybe I ought to eat them but it was too late.

And the Universes opening round was rain:  Obviously, I should have done more than I did because the universe decided to humble we with rain. Now, I have experienced two hurricanes, the flooding of the Missouri and I don’t know how much else on this trip. So what else is new. The only thing to do in such a case is pull over and put on the rain paints.

Rain Pants: No matter how you cut it, there is no elegant way to put on rain pants, in the rain over boots. This I have done for more times than I would like to think and still feel like a klutz every time I do it. Now, the nice thing about rain pants is that there is an insulation value to them. By that I mean, I have been on runs where it was cold and I mean cold and putting the rain suit on was a source of insulation that made all the difference in the world. This became a critical factor this morning because as I climb to over 3,000 ft on the Blue Ridge Parkway, it got colder and colder and colder and colder yet. I so wanted my old Memphis Shade Bat Wing Fairing that was smashed when the Gray Ghost was totaled by Irene in Cranston. Also, I had my heavy winter gloves mailed back from New Haven because who would have ever thought I would need them in the south during summer. I was left with no protection for my open fingers and wet gloves at 3,000 plus feet,

Then mother nature plays the fog card: Things just kept getting better and better and better. The run from Boone to Asheville on the Blue Ridge Parkway was about 80 miles and that I can do well.. However, this is a sample of what at least 80 percent of it was like. On this part of the journey, I counted 23 cars, 4 motorcycles and 2 bikes. I did not close on anyone and no one came up behind me. Now this is bragging rights being able to say that I had the entire Blue Ridge Parkway to myself. And a good thing it was because the opportunity for an accident was just too good. The Parkway had good solid yellow lines and it was an act of faith that I followed them because there was nothing else to go by.

This is life: Riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway under these conditions where you know you are way up in the air and all your normal reference points just don’t exist. However, you also know that if you screw up, all the reference points will not slow your rapid descent down a very steep slope. As I was looking into the fog, it occurred to me that this was like life, we think we know what is in front of us but the truth is we really don’t know what fate is awaiting us. Spent more than a few moments pondering this and then the cold set in too deeply and I turned back onto the road.

A View from the bottom up: Could not get a view of what I had just come out of as I descended into Asheville but this will give you and idea of the thickness and level of the clouds. Now, from the bottom up they look just peachy queen but being in them is an entirely different matter. It was so nice to brak out of the clouds because it got warm all of a sudden. Nothing I could do about the wet gloves or boots.

Hit Atlanta: The Universe had one wild card left to play and play it she did. I hit Atlanta at 1700 from the north which was rush hour and the threat of more rain. Well the rain never materialized but the rush hour did and it was challenging but not nearly as challenging as hitting rush hour in Washington, DC on the Friday prior to Labor Day at 1700. Atlanta traffic moved a lot faster than the DC traffic but it was more orderly.  Got to the south side and just prior to I-75 when had to fuel. There was a biker on the next pump and he mentioned that another rain storm would be moving in soon and it would be better to hunker down rather than ride it out. That was all I needed. Found a cheepo and am hunkered down with a warm shower but still in dirty clothes. Not to mention going to bed in a couple of minutes. However, know that I wish y’all well and am going to post this so I can go to bed.

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