This is your life

Got a couple of emails about the uses of the blog for women getting out of prison. Then it occurred to me that there is a section called voices which is an unedited section that is for those that have something they want to say.

Well, there is no one plan that fits everyone. There are lots of  you that know what worked and what did not work in your case. Over the years, I have heard stories, comments and etc of what works and what does not work. The one thing I do know is that once a person gets out and reality hits full in the face, thinking usually turns to panic of some sort or another and the thought processes end.

Think in terms of knowing there is a place to go to get some ideas of what could be and maybe some tips on traps to avoid. Public libraries have computers that anyone can sign onto and come to the blog for information, thoughts or inspiration.

What I will offer is to dedicate that section of the blog to what ever you want to say to your sisters just as you write it and totally unedited. You can put your name or contact point or not list who you are.

There are some of you that will find what worked for someone else did not work for you and in the comment section you can list your own situation.

If this grows enough, there are those that design re-entry programs that are totally clueless about the reality of re-entry or the life long sentence you have as a convicted felon. My hope is that if we can get enough people to participate actively about this or over a repeated time that maybe they will include those points in a re-entry program.

There is no way we can tell who we can help in these situations. However, if we do nothing then we are only dooming those to repeat the mistakes that could have avoided had we had the courage to speak.

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