Addicts and problem children are made and not born

For the most part, what is made can be unmade and corrected. No there are no silver bullets but lets face it, the average felon in the state of Florida goes to prison for five years. In the case of a woman, that will cost the state an average of $144,000. Both the state and its citizens have a very basic decision to make.

The core decision is to put the inmate on ice and warehouse them for 5 years. The most likely consequence is a very angry person that has developed further criminal skills and expanded their crime networks. To a large extend this is validated by the 68 percent recidivism rate that is the national average.

Make no mistake about it, not everyone is ready for some types of intervention and the best thing to do may be just to warehouse them. At some point, it will sink in that what they are doing is just not worth it.

Intervention does not have to be all that costly an affair and can be done in several creative ways. At the core of any sort of intervention is education and addiction recovery programs.

The average prison inmate has a 6th grade education. However, to assume that you can put a person in a classroom and start the education process is lunacy for the most part. Most inmates have poor socialization skills which means they don’t have the skills to accept and work through difficult situations. That in itself requires some preparation.

There are similar problems with addiction recovery programs.

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