Drug Policy Prospects on Capitol Hill This Year

It seems as if the tide is shifting in all directions as far as the war on drugs is concerned. There is legislation pending in congress to reduce the severity as well as fiscal pressure to address the incarceration issues. However, these are nothing more than peripheral issues around the core issue which what do we need drugs in the first place and second speaks to the legality itself.

Nevertheless, here is an analysis of the the bills pending before congress as they relate to drug issues. My own sense is that nothing will be passed because none of the political parties are about to earn the wrath of the Criminal Justice Industrial Complex in what promises to be a very contentious presidential primary season.


uphill climb for reform this year

There are nearly two dozen pieces of drug policy-related legislation pending on Capitol Hill, but given a bitterly divided Congress intently focused on the economic crisis and bipartisan warfare in the run-up to the 2012 election, analysts and activists are glum about the prospects for passing reform bills and even gloomier about the prospects for blocking new prohibitionist bills.

But while drug reform in the remainder of the 112th Congress may take on the aspect of slow-moving trench warfare, there is work to be done and progress to be made, advocates interviewed by Drug War Chronicle said. And intensely expressed congressional concern over federal budget deficits could provide opportunities to take aim at the federal drug war gravy train…….

Drug Policy Prospects on Capitol Hill This Year

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