Some law enforcement officer ratios and total numbers for 2009

When considering the size of any Criminal Justice Industrial complex, there are three groups to focus. The first two are normally considered together and are the correction officers and law enforcement officers who are nested in the same unions. Then there is the trial lawyers lobby. Below is the data on Law enforcement and a better picture can be seen in the following link: FBI stats of law enforcement rations and numbers

California  1 law enforcement agent per 262 population

Florida 1 law enforcement agent per 250 population

New York 1 law enforcement agent per 227 population

Texas: 1 Law enforcement agent per 266 population

Full-time Law Enforcement Employees
by State, 2009
State Total law
Total officers Total civilians Number of
Male Female Male Female
CALIFORNIA 121,879 69,749 10,572 14,550 27,008 461 31,832,381
FLORIDA  72,235 37,894 6,224 10,001 18,116 365 17,648,382
NEW YORK 83,941 53,588 8,572 7,711 14,070 436 19,120,958
TEXAS 89,867 48,579 6,278 15,472 19,538 1,010 24,590,665


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