Alachua County’s SAT scores are third-highest in state

On the surface this is oh so good news. However, there is another reality. Alachua county has one of the highest dropout/failure rates in the state. The state is at the bottom of the nation for high school drop out rates. I would and will argue that there is a two tier education system in the county. One for the socially advantage and another for the not so socially advantaged.

Bear in mind that Alachua County enjoys another distinction. It also has a higher incarceration ratio that the state average and the the state average is higher than the US and the US incarceration ratio is higher than any other country on God’s green earth.

Also bear in mind that the average educational level of those going to prison is the 6th Grade.

The first link is the story and the second link is an editorial I wrote a while back.

I invite attention to the fact that Gilchrist is repeatedly at the top of the education heap in all areas.
Alachua County SAT scroes among the highest in the state

Parallel Universes (2010)

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