AP IMPACT: NYPD spy unit targeted ethnicity alone

It seems as if over the last 60 I have repeatedly said that the trends, themes and patterns of corruption, vigilante justice and abuses of power that are initiated at the national level will be replicated at the state and local level. Well, in bold print today there is a headline that NYPD spy program targeted ethnicity alone for years as a focus of investigation.

This ethnic group had done nothing wrong. It was simply in preparation for the time that they should do something wrong then the NYPD would be able to jump. Bear in mind, there are terrorist groups from nations that dead set on the fall of the US that were not the subje3ct of the slightest hint of an investigation.

All of which brings me back to the basic question of what protections are there should a criminal justice unit decide to investigate you and then bill you for the cost of the investigation should you decide to abide by the 5th amendment? Who will come to your aid if you are like the average citizen that can not afford a defense lawyer without putting your house up as collateral.


AP IMPACT: NYPD spy unit targeted ethnicity alone

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