More kids abused; economy to blame?

I came across this article in the Columbus Dispatch as I was cleaning out the junk I had accumulated in the corner to corner odyssey. It was a national syndicated article and it struck me as something out of the theater of the absurd.

The economy may be an aggravating factor but it is not a causal factor. Abuse is abuse no matter how you cut it. Stress generated by a slow economy most certainly will aggravate problems that are already there but there has to be a dysfunctional behavior to be aggravated.

This is happens in the best of times which can be the worst of times for some. This is a good article in that it lays the groundwork for shifting the blame of child abuse so gracefully from the abuser to the economy. I wonder now that the word is out: how many kids will be abused because people feel they now have permission.

More kids abused; economy to blame?

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