Bad Blood: a cautionary tale

The single biggest impression I had during the 10,585 mile motorcycle odyssey to the four corners of the nation to talk of women and children in the jails and prisons of the nation was that it was an invisible problem.

Tonight, I watched the DVD Bad Blood: A Cautionary Tale from PBS that was about the nations blood supply that lead to the infection of 10,000 hemophiliacs with HIV and another 15,000 with Hepatitis. Everyone concerned knew what was going on and it was in no ones perceived best interest to do anything about it. That is until a group of very vocal researchers not only spoke out but spoke out aggressively and assertively.

So, as I was writing this and looking up the link to the DVD bad blood I came across a show on PBS that talked of the necessity for blood transfusions in the quantity they are given. Again, it took a few contagious persons to start the ball rolling. I invite you to watch the program Blood Tests. This is having a major impact on western medicine.

Now, think just what chance our young mother that got jammed up with the law and is separated from her child by going to prison have unless someone speaks up. Yes, silence is deadly and if we don’t speak out, who will?

The ones that will pay are those kids who end up being farmed out to this or that person or agency that do not have a vested interest in the kid. Yes, the mother may have issues and they can be dealt with for the most part outside of prison. However, as soon as the mother is separated from that child, the chances are that 70 percent of those children will end up in prison and we will all pay for that in the cost of social services and prison beds.

Now someone please tell me what child coming into this world trusting and ready to learn deserves such a fate?

To view program Blood Tests and Use


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