A partial review of Mind Body Stress Reduction in a Florida Prison

The impact of a few people over a long period of time in one Florida prison is the story of Mind Body Stress Reduction m(MBSR) in a Florida prison. This is the story of a few people that have made great efforts to share their knowledge of medication, yoga and MBSR with the inmates at Lowell CI. Of the 20 or so volunteers, only two had prior experience as prison volunteers.

In the last 4.5 years, there have been 646 inmates that have taken the program at least once and the average is  3 iterations of the program/retreat because the paradigm shift is so great.  The multiplier here is 3 which means that over 1,800 people have come into the class room.  The state is now developing the states as the related to re-recidivism.

This is a program that offers nothing in terms of special lodging, food or reduced sentencing. Inmates come to it because they see the changes in others and themselves. The states will be published as they become available.

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