Sentencing Shift Gives New Leverage to Prosecutors

This is an incredible and well written article on the growth of proprietorial power over the last decade. Now, think in terms that there is a finite amount of power in a court room and if the prosecutor has a growth of power then it must come from the diminished power of the judge. Some would say this is chance but think in terms of the scales of justice now being tilted. Others would and have said it is needed to combat crime but I will counter that in the last 60 years the state of Florida has never come close to matching the violent crime averages of the nation as a whole. Yet, the state has followed every trend, theme and pattern of the nation in its rise and falls of statistics.

Some may say that it is just poor legislation and to that I counter that it has been written the single profession with the largest representation in the Florida legislature is the legal profession. No, it is no mistake or not a case of poor legislation that the laws have been tilted to the prosecutors. It is with all due intention.

Finally, we have to ask ourselves: just what chance does a baby have it if comes into the world ready to learn and trusting if the mother gets jammed up in our legal system. I invite you to read this article with that in mind.

Sentencing Shift Gives New Leverage to Prosecutors

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