Fired prisons chief Ed Buss still talks; Gov. Rick Scott not happy

This must be a record of some sort. The state of Florida gets what appears to be a good Secretary for the Department of Corrections and his term is short lived. Don’t know there is enough information out there to speak the issue and so I will leave some links for those to follow up on their own.

The thread that sets the undertone common to all the discussion seems to rotate around the prisons as jobs and not as a part of protecting the community.

The sad point in all of this discussion is that there are some very fine men and women that work in the Department of Corrections whose reputations and safety are caught up in this situation created at the higher levels of both sides of the equations. It serves neither them nor the inmates they are responsible for well.

Fired prisons chief Ed Buss still talks; Gov. Rick Scott not happy
DOC has good reason to block Buss
Prison Population Is Shrinking In Most States
Prison privatization to proceed despite resignation of Ed Buss
Scott on Glades prison shut-down: Private sector, not government, creates jobs
Union wants booted Florida prison chief to testify in privatization lawsuit

Follow up: There is an interesting correlation between the firing/resignation of Michael Moore and Ed Buss. However, to draw any conclusions at this point is useless. Nevertheless the power players remain the same. Just some background for consideration in the meantime. Tried to get both sides of the coin in these links.

Statement by Secretary of Corrections Michael W. Moore
Michael Moore made it clear to Crosby and Clark that … Public knowledge will just be a matter of time and The Florida Department of Corrections will have to answer ..

Moore was replaced by Crosby:
April 24, 2007 – Crosby is Convicted
From outside, he pushes prison reform

And again more info on debate of state vs private prisons:
More than $870,000 in financial contributions have flowed to Senate President Jeff
Atwater and the Republican Party of Florida over the last ten years from the corrections
and private prison industry, the GEO Group, it’s executive management team, and
its various political entities. Florida Dept of Corrections forced to cut prison work squads.

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