Are Florida drug laws legal or not, that is the question.

This like the privatization of prisons is only a recent chapter in a struggle where all sides have money and vested interest in one or the other side of the issue. However, there will be a nightmare in Florida legal circles if the drug laws are declared illegal because the courts will be flooded with appeals far beyond their capacity to handle them.

“In 2002, the Florida Supreme Court made a ruling that interpreted the Legislature intended for prosecutors to prove intent of suspects when it created Florida’s drug trafficking statute. Proving a defendant’s intent is a staple of American criminal law, but there are some crimes, called strict liability offenses, where intent need not be proved.” (Read more:

This could conceivable reduce the prison population by 50%. Now think in terms of the economic shock way that would ripple through rural Florida with some 12,000 unemployed correction officers and staff. That would certainly make the privatization process a moot issue.

State judges rule Fla.’s drug law is OK (Published 02:10 a.m., Friday, September 9, 2011)

State drug trafficking laws ruled unconstitutional (August 20, 2011 03:43:30 PM)

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