Companies Use Immigration Crackdown to Turn a Profit

Where there is money to be made and power to be obtained, mankind will exploit it if they can. This is the nature of man and when there are no checks there will be no end to the exploitation. This is not an issue unique to the left or right but to mankind. It is a part of the survival mechanism of each one of us and in turn the organizations run by man. In part, this was one of the major issues the framers of the constitution tried to guard against when they incorporated checks and balances into the constitution.

The positions of the north and south in relation to slavery highlighted the breakdown of checks and balances and the exploitation of man by man. David Thoreau was very eloquent in his criticism of government and slavery in his life time. If we were to take any of his books, do a search and replace of slave with ex-offender and/or slavery with criminal justice then you will find similar arguments validating the treatment of ex-offenders as you did slaves.

Bear in mind that Florida came into the nation as a slave state and not much has changed in the power structure/politics of the state as it pertains to exploitation of a class of people. The mechanism that enables this power structure and exploitation to succeed is denial of civil rights. Slaves did not have civil rights prior to the civil war and after the civil war there were the Jim Crow laws that rippled throughout the south. Florida has structured a voting systems that parallels the Jim Crow laws of Reconstruction South in spirit and practice.

This article highlights the forces behind the debate where man will exploit man to turn a profit. This is not an argument limited to the South but the nation and universe.

Please read: Companies Use Immigration Crackdown to Turn a Profit

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