Good reason for the disapearing family farm

While riding some 10,585 miles on the motorcycle this summer, it was almost impossible to find anything that even resembled a family farm. However, what I did see was a lot of buses pulling porta-poties.

Well, in today’s paper there was an article on immigration and in it was the statistic that 65% of the farm workers in Florida are illegal migrant farm workers.

It just seems out of this world that there is so much unemployment and at the same time there are so many illegals working.  Maybe we are just building so many prisons in the country side there is no labor left over for the farm. Just don’t know.

Story: Illegal immigration

Follow-up a couple of days later:Industries feel effect of boycott
Ala. loses workers as immigration law takes effect
Better Lives for Mexicans Cut Allure of Going North
Unlicensed Drivers Who Risk More Than a Fine Like Ms. Valencia, an estimated 4.5 million illegal immigrants nationwide are driving regularly, most without licenses, according to an analysis by The New York Times.
US asks appeals court to halt Ala. immigration law
Hiring Locally for Farm Work Is No Cure-All

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