In New Term, Supreme Court Shifts Focus to Crime and First Amendment

there is a good chance that the judicial system will be turned on its ear between cases working their way through the Florida state courts as well as the new focus on crime and first amendment cases in the supreme court.

“The court will decide whether the police need a warrant to use advanced technology to track suspects, whether jails may strip-search people arrested for even the most minor offenses, whether defendants have a right to competent lawyers to help them decide whether to plead guilty, when eyewitness evidence may be used at trial, and what should happen when prosecutors withhold evidence.”

“The Supreme Court has positioned itself to improve the quality of the criminal justice process from the beginning to end,” said Eric Freedman, a law professor at Hofstra University.”

A couple of days ago, I posted a link to an article that spoke to the swing of power to the prosecutor and law enforcement. Get arrested for whatever the reason and you have a good chance of going to jail.

If you have no sense of what a jail is like follow this link and then you will have have an idea of what they can be. They are not fun places to be and for the most part they need to be that way because of the people they deal with. However, not everyone has to go through the process and the supreme court will speak to that as well as some other rather fundamental issues in the criminal justice system.

There is the potential for some rather dramatic moments in the criminal justice system of Florida between the state issues and those in the supreme court. Makes you wonder how we could stray so far from the base line of justice when we have so many lawyers in the congress and legislature. But then maybe that is why we have strayed.

Link to story: .In New Term, Supreme Court Shifts Focus to Crime and First Amendment
In New Term, Supreme Court Shifts Focus to Crime and First Amendment

Jail booking Video
reporter booking
71 year old man being beaten

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