Report on Medicare Cites Prescription Drug Abuse

The New York Times has a really great article in today’s paper about the relationship of medicare and addictive drugs. The numbers and lack of prescription control is amazing and smacks of the pharmaceutical industries obstruction on the restrictions to the sale of the base ingredients to meth. See  Frontline: The Meth Epidemic and then again similar forces were at work in  Bad Blood: A Cautionary Tale . The bottom line is that the bottom line was the driving force and everyone concerned knew what was going on and it was in no ones perceived best interest to do anything about it. That is until a group of very vocal researchers not only spoke out but spoke out aggressively and assertively.

Follow up on meth: the Frontline link to the Meth Epidemic above was very critical of the combativeness of the pharmaceutical industry in sideline restrictions on use of  pseudo-ephedrine related products. That was when the documentary was released. It turns out that they are still combating it:States Battling Meth Makers Look to Limit Ingredients

It struck me as amazing that with the computerized prescription base and paperwork for prescriptions that this could not be better controlled. I guess in the end it is in no one’s best interest to exercise drug control. The pharmaceuticals that produce it nor the seniors that sell it.

However, the tax payer gets stuck with the bill for both the cost of drugs as well as the social costs associated with the wreckage and destruction of families and building of prisons. Not to be ignored is the political gold of campaign funds during elections for politicians by the drug industry which is one of the most influential lobbies at the national and state levels.

In Florida they were able to sidetrack a database on prescription drugs at the state level.

Link to base article:Report on Medicare Cites Prescription Drug Abuse

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