Stress ‘is top cause of workplace sickness’ and is so widespread it’s dubbed the ‘Black Death of the 21st century’

The national medical service of England is a gold mine of information because everyone is in the same medical pool and receives similar treatment. It also makes empirical research based on analyzing huge amounts of data easier and often more accurate.

They have pointed out that Stress indeed is a if not the the leading cause of medical as well as psychological problems in the work place. The point they did not make clearly in the article is that a person can not help but bring stress home from the work place. Which in turn accounts for instability of relationships and worst yet teaches children how to react to life.

Stress is something that exists only in the mind and no where else. The inability to be focused and/or mindful are the precursors and cure of stress.

See the complete article at: Stress is the top cause of workplace sickness

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