2 other unions seek to oust PBA from Fla. prisons

There are some 17,000 corrections officers in the state of Florida and it is time for them to vote again as to who will represent them. Their sheer size, cohesiveness and a relative immunity from economic conditions make them a very attractive target for any and all unions that want to expand.

The union superstructure will and have gone to great lengths to garner their loyalty. You only have to look to the million dollars the PBA spent on the defense of those that murdered Frank Valdes.Florida prison guards acquitted.

Mother Nature and/or the universe has two imperatives which are first survival and then procreation. This is the law from the smallest single cell amoeba to the most complex business organization. Morality is not an issue in the laws of the universe. Unions are about business and the benefits accrue to those who lead them. What we find in Chicago can be found to a lesser degree anywhere. Double-dipping labor leaders stand to reap millions. For them to thrive then the membership has to thrive. Then there is 2 teachers union lobbyists teach for a day to qualify for hefty pensions

As those that run for political office, those unions looking for a positive cash flow will promise anything to get the bucks. 2 other unions seek to oust PBA from Fla. prisons and Senators reject Rick Scott’s pitch to fight unions

Unions are about money and voting the pay check Police Officers, Fed Up with Rick Scott, Leave Republican Party En Masse. Theirs is a special interest group not to be messed with. For the most part, this is about raiding the public treasury.

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