Big brother has arrived

Little brother has accumulated 40,000 miles plus on three motorcycles in the last 11 months. He has left his tread on the highways and byways of the nation’s all four corners.

It is time to call the heavy artillery in  preparation for the rides yet to be announced that will make the past look like a cake walk.

In the mean time, little brother will be refurbished, rested, and repaired. Don’t even think little brother is going out to pasture. He works well in the city and fits like a second skin. However, on the open highway, trucks fill up the low boots with water and he is not high enough to offer protection from road debris and rubble that fly at highway speeds.

Tomorrow is a shake down run to Georgia. Big brother will be like a tiger marking his territory in leaving rubber on the road.

Cousin chaps is headed this way and should be here in a week.

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