Honduras set to become the murder capital of the world

There is an old saying south of the boarder that when they sneeze in North America, it turns into phenomena in Latin America. Well, Mexico is not the only country to be suffering the consequences of supporting or profiting if you will from the North American addiction to cocaine and etc.

“Honduras will reach 86 murders per 100,000 inhabitants by the end of this year, according to the observatory’s coordinator Migdonia Ayestas.

Honduras leads 207 countries with its murder rate this year, according to a UN study that estimated it at 82.1 deaths per 100,000 people. It is followed in the region by El Salvador (66) and Guatemala (41.4).

Authorities have blamed some of the violence on international drug cartels, which have used Central American countries such as Honduras as transit routes to export cocaine to the United States.”

The blame for the violence being visited on Latin America is North America. Never has any dictatorship in the worst of years brought so much violence on Latin America in 60s to the 90s as the North American drug habit in the last two decades. The sad part is no one is interested.

Link to story: Six gunned down outside Honduras airport: police

To get a sense of perspective as to the rest of the world, there is the chart below which comes from:International Homicide Rate

Intentional homicide rates per 100,000 population by region 2004[5] 2010[6]
Southern Africa 37.3 32
Central America 29.3 25
South America 25.9 21
West and Central Africa 21.6 19
East Africa 20.8 23
Africa 20 17.4
Caribbean 18.1 21
Americas 16.2 15.5
East Europe 15.7 7
North Africa 7.6 6
World 7.6 6.9
North America 6.5 4.7
Central Asia and Transcaucasian countries 6.6 6
Europe 5.4 3.5
Near and Middle East/South-west Asia 4.4 3
Oceania 4 3.5
South Asia 3.4 4
Asia 3.2 3.1
South-east Europe 3.2 1.5
East and South-east Asia 2.8 3
West and Central Europe 1.5 1.2
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