Florida’s prison fiasco

On the surface, here are a couple of articles as they relate to the long term costs of an out of control criminal justice system as well as private prison costs in Florida. In one article the author makes his point by reaching outside the state to show the long term costs in other states.

He uses LA as a case in point. Pointing out the escalation of costs when prison beds become geriatric beds. I have seen signs of the escalating geriatric population as they use these men for jobs on death row and other high security areas that younger inmates tend to get involved with the drama and trauma of the situations around them.

The question of private prisons vs state run prisons is a hot button issue that rotates around a the starting point of any person that comes to the question. The points made here are good and some that I have yet to see after teaching in state and federal prisons as a volunteer for 15 years. However, I have taught in CCA prisons as a volunteer and I have to say that the design of inmate housing and education programs far exceeds that of any and I mean state prison system I have known in the 15 years I have been a prison volunteer.

On the other hand, state run prisons a subject to lax legislative supervision because of the power of the vote and financial contributions of correction’s unions which lead to the human rights violations of inmates like Frank Valdes in Florida State Prison and the ensuring trial by a state’s attorney lead to a no conviction. The subsequent clean-up by a retired army colonel who had no experience in prisons lead to the incarceration of the firing of over 60 high level civil service employees that included lots of senior officers and wardens. All of which was a result of the feds charging the Secretary of Corrections with corruption. Notice; it was the feds that did the charging an incarceration and not the state.

There are some powerful good aspects of both sides of this equation that are getting lost in a contentious debate that is focused on the faults of each side which are mired in corruption and human rights abuses.

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Youtube has a host of film clips on Angola Hopsice:
Will Anyone Cry When I Die

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