CDC: Antidepressant use skyrocketed in past 20 years

Doctors who prescribe some popular antidepressants should monitor their patients closely for warning signs of suicide, especially when they first start the pills or change a dose.It seems so strange that in a nation of plenty where social programs grow that the usage of antidepressants has grown by over 400 percent that something at the very core is wrong. Would love to see the statistics on the rise of antidepressants coupled with the rise of illegal drugs.

A good question that was not asked nor addressed is what is the potential for such an explosion in medication being a gateway towards more powerful illegal drugs.

Another question follows on the heels of this is what part of this rise in antidepressant drugs a part of the advertising of drugs coupled with drugs being pushed by both the pharmaceutical as well as insurance as a short cut to treating an artificial therapeutic condition generated by advertising.

When talking of artificial therapeutic conditions, think in terms of research on efficacy of psychotropic drugs and placebos. Now go back to the role of Pharmaceutical Industry and tell me the difference between them and the drug cartels of the world.

This article speaks to the CDCs research into the subject of usage of antidepressants.CDC: Antidepressant use skyrocketed in past 20 years

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