Drivers face drug and security checkpoints on highways

Road side check point for drugs

This raises an interesting point. In Gainesville, Florida it seems as if there are more and bigger accidental drug busts on I-75 and other highways than there are as a result of actual police work.

These may be individual cases but what is happening is that we are becoming a nation where security and law and order forces are taking over or intruding in not only the highways and byways as well as other aspects of life in preemptive searches as well as investigations that have nothing to do with the reality of suspicion.

This is a tangled web that can lead to unforeseen consequences that are disastrous to not only bystanders but passengers also.  Take the case of a young mother on parole in a car pool from work. They get caught in a this or that check point and one of the passengers hides their stash of maybe 10 ounces under the seat.

Everyone goes to jail as a part of the investigation and the young mother on parole violated because she was arrested and goes back to prison. Her back is once again subjected to separation and developing new trust circuits in the brain and not only will suffer from retarded speech and social development but learning handicaps in school and most likely become addicted to this or that and end up in prison.

Think not, then look at zero tolerance. The fact that it may be unconstitutional is not really relevant as it is still happening. “The practice has legal experts on searches and seizures at two law schools in Michigan, a constitutional law expert in Lansing and the American Civil Liberties Union calling the practice out of bounds and out of touch with state and U.S. Supreme Court rulings that ban such practices.”  Drivers face drug checkpoints on highways near Flint

On a national level, Home Land Security is running like checks in the name of national security. Tennessee Becomes First State To Fight Terrorism Statewide There are operations that include state and local law enforcement as well as national guard units. They are also recruiting drivers to become “snitches.”

On a local level, traffic stops appear to be more productive in solving crimes than investigations. It seems as if the busts are bigger and cover a broader area of interests. Case in point is traffic stop along I-75 where local police stopped a traffic violator with hundreds of names and SSNs as well as cash and credit cards.Traffic stop results in credit card trafficking arrests

Everyone is addressing the symptoms of a problem and not one is speaking to the underlying issues that give rise to the symptoms.

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