Few Americans take immigrants’ jobs in Alabama

Don’t even know why the topic of farm labor ever comes back and back to my mind other than when on the motorcycle ride from coast to coast. I was following a buses in the New Mexico and Arizona highways that had the windows popped out and they were pulling one or two out houses on trailers behind them. That couple with the total lack of any family farms sorta stuck to me.

I guess this is the most recent chapter in an ongoing saga. A couple of weeks ago Alabama past a still court case on immigration reform and it was the only state to make through the courts. Immediately afterwards, most of the Hispanic labor force pulled out. The impact of it is starting to be felt and it is being watched closely in the agricultural heartland of the nation.

We have reached a stage where it is easier to draw unemployment and other benefits than work. I remember in the 60s and 70s when college students and others on limited income would vanish into the fields to make some money in harvest and planting time. I guess that to is a vanishing piece of Americana. I am sure there is all kinds of spin that can be placed on it but the fact remains it is a fact of life.
Here is a link to the base story: Few Americans take immigrants’ jobs in Alabama

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