Psychiatry by Prescription

This is a long and well written article on addictions that is well worth the read. To the best of my knowledge Harvard Magazine has a very good filtering mechanism for articles. The scariest part of the entire article comes from the part:

“Statistics suggest that there are gross inconsistencies in the delivery and quality of psychiatric care. According to Kessler’s study, close to 60 percent of people with serious disorders received no treatment between 2000 and 2003, but nearly half of the people who did receive treatment “did not meet diagnostic criteria for a mental disorder.” In other words, the mildest cases (and non-cases) may be receiving the bulk of the “cures,” while many of the severely ill are falling through the cracks.”

follow that with this

“Unfortunately, Eisenberg says, exuberance over ready solutions to complex conditions has overshadowed the need for careful diagnosis and led to over-prescribing of drugs.
Soaring prescription rates for Ritalin and newer stimulants, especially among boys in achievement-focused middle-class communities, suggest a disease category run amok. “The trouble is that the drugs work across the board,” Eisenberg points out. “Dexedrine makes not only hyperkinetic kids mellower and less distractable, but normal kids as well.” Doctors wrote some 29 million prescriptions for Ritalin and similar drugs last year in the United States—nearly 80 percent of them for children. But in recent years, treatment for ADHD has also expanded among adults. Women are just as likely as men to take the drugs. College students around the country use stimulant medications for help when studying for exams.”

Is it no wonder that we have a drug culture and could very well be that these are the true gateways to illegal drugs.

This is a big file, so be patient in the download. As big as the file may be, it is well worth the read on several levels.
Link to full article: Psychiatry by Presection
Click here for PDF:Psychiatry by Prescription

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