Judge blocks Fla.’s new welfare drug testing law

Florida Gov. Scott

This is chapter two in the drugs and welfare issue and even though the court has stepped into the frey, the evidence is totally inclonclusive. 1,600 applicants refused to take the test since testing began. Thirty two applicants failed. Then again 7,000 passed. What we don’t know and I doubt we will ever know is what is it that almost 20 percent did not take the tests and had they taken the test; how would they have come out.

Am curious and don’t know that it will ever be satisfied but would like to know now that the judge has suspended the drug testing how many of those that refused are going to make their application for welfare again. All this idel speculation will get nowhere. Here are some links to the 2nd act:

Judge blocks Fla.’s new welfare drug testing law

Florida’s welfare drug testing halted by federal judge[

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