Jim Crow takes on new meaning in Florida

Felon disenfranchisment at the polls takes on new meaning with this article in that the split between registered democrats and republicans has narrowed:

Florida Democrats retain one major advantage over the Republicans: more voters. It translated into nearly a 700,000 voter edge in 2008, with 4.8 million Democrats to 4.1 Republicans.

Another 2.5 million voters had no party affiliation or were members of other parties.

The Democrats’ edge has dropped since then, with the August numbers showing the Democrats with 4.56 million voters to the GOP’s 4 million voters.

I have seen it written where an active recruitment of ex-offenders has the potential of widening the gap in favor of the democrats. This theory goes a long way to explaining why the governor and states attorney immdiately revoked the existing civil writes status of ex-offenders upon taking office.

Makes a person wonder if we live in a democracy of the people or a society where power is the end product of a pseudo democracy.

For the full story go to:Democrats open 3-day state convention with lots of issues

Now add in the prison privatization issue of the attempt to move 30 prisons in South Florida to a private corporation and again there is more clarity to the issue.

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