Raising the Chance of Some Cancers With Two Drinks a Day

I have seen and heard reports on all the advantages of one drink a day to do this and that but in todays Wall Street Journal there was a story from the other side of the coin. Only this is based on lots of statistics and not just a sample group.

In part:

“Much of the data linking alcohol and cancer comes from observational studies that can show correlations, not cause and effect. But the sheer volume of such studies—going back decades and including tens of millions of participants—provides compelling evidence that alcohol is causing additional cancers, particularly of the head and neck, liver, colon and breast, epidemiologists say.

Scientists are pinpointing a variety of ways that alcohol can cause cancer—from raising estrogen levels to activating harmful chemicals in tobacco to damaging DNA and interfering with its repair.”

Follow the link for the full story:Raising the Chance of Some Cancers With Two Drinks a Day

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