Charge Inmates To Stay In Jail? Riverside County Eyes $5M Revenue Boost

Charge Inmates To Stay In Jail? Riverside County Eyes $5M Revenue BoostRIVERSIDE (CBS) — If you do the time in Riverside County, you better have the dime to pay for it.

In a time of economic crises, charging inmates for the their stay in county jail or prison for that matter could spread like a wild fire. My sense is that in the short term it could be looked on as an appealing fix as was the 100 to 1 sentencing for crack cocaine. However, in the long run it will be threat to the public safety as it will spread the gap between the rich and the poor and only serve to instigate a sense of hopelessness among the uneducated and the poor. In the end, this will be a situation only a bail bondsman could love.

Then with the minimum sentencing and plea negotiations that are largely dependent on allowing a person to “cook” in jail while negotiating a plea will drive deep a sense of “what is the use.”

Here is the story:

KNX 1070′s Mike Landa reports that’s the driving sentiment behind one Riverside County supervisor’s efforts to charge jail inmates for their time in custod
Supervisor Jeff Stone introduced an ordinance this week seeking reimbursements for the cost of jailing inmates that an estimated $143 dollars per day.
Stone told the Riverside Press Enterprise the county could reap as much as a $5 million windfall from the move.
If an inmate is unable to cover the costs, the county would put a lien against any real property they may own.
“And we have probably about 25 percent of people that do white-collar crimes in this county, and those are the ones that are going to be put in the county jails, they’re going to be required to pay for their costs,” said Stone.
Stone also hoped to charge a fee to all visitors to county prisons, but lawyers argued such a move would be unconstitutional.

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