Florida statewide grand jury investigation on corruption

Florida politics and government is riddled with corruption and is nested deep within the legislature. It finds expression not only within the legislature itself but in all the branches of government.

In the last two decades there have been two major reviews of corruption and essentially no action has been taken to remedy the situation. The first was the 1999-2000 Public Corruption Study Commission tasked by Governor Jeb Bush to: “complete a comprehensive review of current laws, policies, and procedures and to make recommendations on how Florida might better :prevent and respond to acts of public corruption.”

Then, last year, Palm Beach County convened a Grand Jury to investigate matters of public corruption. While a majority of the Palm Beach County Grand Jury’s work focused on local issues specific to Palm Beach County, they also addressed issues that can be applied to the State or local governments outside of Palm Beach County.
One of the strongest recommendations the Palm Beach Grand Jury proposed was for
the Legislature to create a sentencing enhancement for crimes committed “under the color of law”.

Then in December of 2010, the STATE OF FLORIDA C L, 29 2010 Case No. SC 09-1910 NINETEENTH STATEWIDE GRAND JURY Issued its First Interim Report
A STUDY OF PUBLIC CORRUPTION IN FLORIDA AND RECOMMENDED SOLUTIONS in time for the legislature to act on it. There is a link to it as follows:


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