Is student loan, education bubble next?

The question of student loans for those getting out of prison is on the surface a very attractive proposition. However, the reality is that it is a whole lot more complicated and deserves a lot of careful consideration.

Loans, scholarships and grants are all very diferent propositions with strings attached. It is an easy decision if the person making the decision has a clear conviction and direction as to what their life is about.

This article has a good over all picture of what the entire picture is about and well worth the read prior to making any final decision.  One aspect that escapes most people’s attention is that a loan as opposed to grant and scholarship is something that can haunt you for a long time.

“…..Recent weeks have seen another spate of “bubble” headlines – student loan defaults up, tuition rising another 8.3 percent this year and finally, out Thursday, a new report estimating that average student debt for borrowers from the college class of 2010 has passed $25,000. And all that on top of a multi-year slump in the job-market for new college graduates…..”

Is student loan, education bubble next?/a>

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