Average cost at public colleges tops $17,000

Anyone getting out of prison needs to take a much closer look at community colleges as a source of education. Not only taking into consideration the immediate costs but the costs of loans and their potential for problematic payback schedules. At a minimum, there needs to be some sort of research in the cost of school over the entire projected years of attendance because annual costs are increasing at an astronomical rate.

There will be increased competition for scholarships and grants because of no payback as with loans.

“…But the days of states and families relying on budget relief from Washington appear to be numbered. And some experts argue that while Washington’s largesse may have helped some students, it did little to hold down prices.

“The states cut budgets, the price goes up, and the (federal) money goes to that,” said Patrick Callan, president of the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education.

“For 25 years we’ve been putting more and more money into financial aid, and tuition keeps going up,” he said. “We’re on a national treadmill.”

Terry Hartle, senior vice president at the American Council on Education, which represents colleges in Washington, said the cause of the price increases for the 80 percent of college students who attend public institutions is clear — state appropriations to higher education declined 18 percent per student over the last three years, the College Board found, the sharpest fall on record.
Average cost at public colleges tops $17,000

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