Study finds many patients shun free heart drugs

This is a great story on oh so many levels. However, everyone is missing the bottom line that gets oh so little if any attention. Wonder how this study will play out in the world of the medicine, pharmaceutical industry and health insurance.

Makes ya wonder at the resiliency of the human body when given an opportunity to perform unencumbered by outside forces. Then again would love to see if there is a parallel between those that took the drugs and addictions or looking for an inside fix from the outside.

“…..In the study, the total number of heart attacks, strokes, cases of chest pain or heart failure and other such problems was significantly lower in the group offered free medicine….”

That meant that an additional 2 of every 100 people were spared such problems because they were offered free medicines. Doctors suspect the difference between the groups would have been greater if more people had actually filled their prescriptions.

Costs dropped 26 percent for patients in the free drug group compared with the others, partly because of fewer doctor visits, lab tests and hospitalizations…..”

Link: Study finds many patients shun free heart drugs

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