Opposition to Florida inmate rehab bill fading

This is an oh so good article because it points out that the single greatest opposition to prison rehabilitation programs is the law enforcement community itself. Essentially, it is a consolidation of power and has nothing to do with rehabilitation.

Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff has been trying since 2005 to get some sort of rehabilitation program on the books and it has been constantly fought by law enforcement officials and prosecutors. Not that they have offered alternatives but just road blocks. Now, they have successfully hammered or dumbed it down to the point where it will on effect some 277 inmates in the first year, they have tentatively agreed to support it.

However, in supporting it they have consolidated their power and essentially to qualify the person has to sell their soul to the law enforcement community because it takes the approval of the prosecutor, judge and department of corrections. The only ones that should be concerned is the Department of Corrections because that is their job.

Secondly is that it is creating empires and expanding the work load of prosecutors and courts in an erra of decreasing budgets.

It lays out a basic requirement of addiction recovery program but then again there are only 2,000 treatment slots authorized by the legislature for 52,000 inmates that have identified as drug users.

Now, think in terms of being an indigent inmate with a 6th grade education and trying to navigate through the courts, prosecutors office and Department of Corrections never mind getting one of 2,000 treatment slots where there are 52,000 inmates eligible and compteting for.

This is a fine example of Orwellean ‘Double Speak.”

Opposition to Florida inmate rehab bill fading

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