Youth shouldn’t be tried as Adults, study says

Youths Shouldn’t Be Tried As Adults, Study Says

After reading this it becomes clear that politics trumps psychology and logic in the courts and legislatures of the nation. Don’t know how a teenager or kid can even begin to understand much less be a part of a criminal justice proceeding that is out of his realm of knowledge or experience

Then we have the state of Florida that has sentenced a 16 year old teen ager to a life sentence as a habitual offender. Then the Supreme court stepped in and in a Jacksonville case that juveniles cannot be sentenced to life for crimes other than homicide.

A judge then resentenced Shingler to 40 years in prison, again as a habitual violent offender.

The appellate court disallowed the sentence because the only penalty allowed for such offenders is life. That, though, conflicts with the Supreme Court decision. This has got to be vigilante justice at its best.
Fla. Court: Juveniles Convicted as Adults Spared Habitual Offender Sentences

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