Senate GOP Filibusters Justice Study: What’s Really Afoot

This is one of the most telling stories on the criminal justice complex. This is a triad of correction officers and uniformed police being one leg, while the second leg of the triad being the trial lawyers. The third and most powerful leg is the National District Attorneys Association. These are not only imbeded in the criminal justice system but they are successful politicians because they are also elected officials.

Now it appears to make perfect sense as to how the laws have been crafted to hamstring the courts with mandatory minimums empowering the prosecutors to charge high and play lets make a deal. If you don’t believe it then ask yourself why are less than 10 percent of the men and women in prison as a result of jury trials. The remainder are in because they accepted the deals offered. Yes, the stakes are high and the special interest groups powerful.

“…There’s no sane way to say that America’s criminal justice system is “OK.” It costs over $100 billion a year; it imprisons hundreds of thousands for minor drug possession or sale; overall it’s incarcerating 2.3 million men and woman — the most of any nation on earth……..And isn’t it close to a national emergency when the country’s incarceration skyrockets six times over in 35 years? Are we that much more evil? Doesn’t the issue cry out for careful examination?………But there’s reason to think even more may be involved: the specter of self-interest lobbying. Salient opposition came from the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) which describes itself as “the oldest and largest organization representing over 39,000 of America’s state and local prosecutors.”

Here’s the link:Senate GOP Filibusters Justice Study: What’s Really Afoot?

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1 Response to Senate GOP Filibusters Justice Study: What’s Really Afoot

  1. Hello Kcwalpole,
    In addition to your post I was wondering, What is the so-called “nuclear option” that Senator Bill Frist may deploy soon in a precedent-setting attempt to break a potential filibuster? It sounds ominous, but what is it all about, really?
    Kindest Regards

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