Tuition requirement for Florida GEDs cuts program

Anyone coming out of prison without a GED will have to face a couple of new realities. They will have to pay for their GEDs and also the availability of GED programs seems to be dropping because of the new charges associated with the program.

“….In an effort to offset budget cuts, the Florida Legislature passed a law last spring requiring state residents to pay $30 for 18 weeks of classes, including those for GED preparation and English as a second language. Nonresidents must pay $120.

This fall, Wise said Alachua County has about 100 students enrolled in GED preparation classes and about 80 to 100 students in English Speakers of Other Languages classes. Although last year’s numbers were unavailable, Wise called the drop “significant.”

Enrollment in GED preparation classes has fallen 70 percent in Broward County and 61 percent in Palm Beach County, according to numbers in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Wise said Alachua County may stop offering classes during the summer because there’s a chance not enough people will sign up for a seven-week course that costs the same as an 18-week course….”

It makes me wonder if the only real outcome is a decline in upward mobility for those late starters in life as well as further decrease in the middle class.

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