Wakeup World

I have been teaching in jails and prisons for just short of 15 years as a volunteer. The subjects for the most part rotate around introspection and personal growth. Whereas these two subjects are incredibly broad in scope, I have narrowed them down to Parent-child and re-entry related material.

There is no one format/solution that fits all. However, over the years, the single basic building blocks for success in these two areas are food, exercise, rest and meditation. Once these are firmly in place then the decision making process associated with re-entry and parent-child issues become incredibly clear.

On a parallel track, priorities and goals can then be established that become the benchmarks for a decision making process that is characterized by not only a meaningful life but also a stress free life.

If I was asked to give a single reference to information that will get someone off of the starting blocks of life on re-entry it would be Wakeup-World which can be accessed from any public library computer at http://wakeup-world.com/.

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