Children and prisons

For reasons that I don’t understand, it seems as if a lot of material has come my way on Human Rights abuses and Mental Health problems associated with the Jails and Prisons of the nation. The depth and scope of the problem is highlighted by a quote I saw in a newspaper by the sheriff of Duval (Jacksonville) county Florida: “I (my jail) is the largest mental health facility in the county.”

Kids do not come in to the world as addicts and delinquents. They are made into addicts and delinquents because it is in the best interests of society. Society needs the dysfunctional addicts/delinquents that will serve as future middle men between the drug cartels and/or pharmaceutical industry’s illegal trade in drugs to the educated professional who consider the recreational use of drugs their right.

Once these necessary but disposable middlemen become successful they are harvested of their profits by the criminal justice community and incarcerated. Almost 90 percent of them will go to prison without benefit of trial but as a consequence of plea bargains. There they will be converted into dangerous felons that in all too many cases society will need to be protected from.

And there lies the basis of one the largest prisons systems in the world that would make Stalin drool with envy.

It all starts with how we treat children that don’t have a chance to get to the starting blocks of life. If you don’t think so then take a look at the four videos and tell me it is not the case.

It could be argued that this is a California problem but I will argue that when you put a child in prison it is our problem. This is a problem that is replicated in one form or another throughout the nation. The Department of Justice has shut down a Florida showcase of abuse that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement gave a clean bill of health to last year.

There is an excellent four part series in youtube on a huge chunk of this process:
System Failure (Part 1 of 4
System Failure (Part 2 of 4)
System Failure (Part 3 or 4)
System Failure (Part 4 of 4)

This is a link to the organization that put the programs and initiatives together: Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

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