National Justice Center

There is a lot of re-entry information here for both Individuals and organizations to include a periodic newsletter. Here is the mission statement of the group.

“Justice Center

On December 3, 2006, the Council of State Governments Governing Board voted to transform the Eastern Regional Conference’s (CSG/ERC) criminal justice program into a national Justice Center. Over 10 years, CSG/ERC’s criminal justice program evolved from a regionally oriented initiative into a respected nonpartisan resource for leaders across the country.

The Governing Board’s conversion of the program into the national Justice Center positions it to serve all states to promote effective data-driven practices—particularly in areas in which the criminal justice system intersects with other disciplines, such as public health—to affect a particular public safety problem. The Justice Center will build on the solid foundation of work that program staff has conducted on criminal justice professionals’ responses to people with mental illnesses and crime victims, as well as on racial disparities, justice reinvestment, prisoner reentry, and other complex justice-related issues.

The Justice Center’s board of directors includes state legislative leaders, judges, corrections administrators, juvenile justice agency directors, and law enforcement professionals; together, they represent a cross-section of the senior-level state officials who shape criminal justice policy. A charter group was assembled in the interim to help draft the organization’s bylaws and provide guidance on the Center’s priorities.

For more information about the Justice Center, go to
Follow this link for more information: National Justice Center

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