The Florida Supreme Court on Drug Courts

The Florida Supreme Court has produced an invaluable reference tool.This is most likely the most comprehensive PDF I have ever seen that touches on all aspects of drug courts. Be caustious as it is dated 2007 but a good starting point nevertheless. Follow this link for the entire pdf:  Florida Drug Courts 

For the researcher, it lays out the entire drug court system in Florida. It also adds a set of references and sources that gives further entre into the national scene on both statistics and problems.

For the person that has just gotten cross wise with the judicial authorities, it lays out the entire process of drug courts which can serve as a check to make sure not only are procedures followed but what are the assorted pathways and options through the legal systems.

For the supporters, parents, children and well wishers of those that have gotten cross wise with the judicial system on drug related issues; it provides a road map of a distorted process between the addict, lawyers and prosecutors.

For the concerned observer, it is an invaluable reference tool in understanding a mystified process.

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