Florida TaxWatch

Anyone doing any research on the jails and prisons as well as crime and punishment in the state of Florida needs to put this reference at the top of the list. It is Florida TaxWatch. They have a subgroup which is the Center for Smart Justice that can be found at:Center for Smart Justice. Link to all their research is TaxWatch Research and a very good starting point is:Findings of the Florida TaxWatch: Review of Criminal Justice Data for 2011

Their objectives are:
Smart Justice Means:
• Stopping the Juvenile Pipeline into Adult Crime and Incarceration

• Holding Offenders Accountable

• Increasing Public Safety

• Reducing Unsustainable Costs of Prison Maintenance and Growth

• Strategic Investments in Appropriate, Evidence-based Interventions

• Reducing Costly Recidivism

• Ensuring Ex–offenders Return to our Communities as Productive and Employable Members of Society

• Saving Precious Taxpayer Resources While Reducing Crime

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