In Florida, Using Military Discipline to Help Veterans in Prison

This is a program that is funded by the VA. It is new and no one has much of an idea how it will turn out. The best part of the program is the reentry portion. Here the vets are given what could be considered a full range of services that should be available to all of those that get out of prison.
Not sure what military discipline has to do with those entering the civilian world where there is no need for such discipline. If I remember the stats on prison boot camps for youthful offenders there is not much difference in the re-offender rates as to those that don’t go through it. Also, military style discipline is designed for those individuals that are going to be under constant supervision and cast into situations where imediate reaction to orders is imperative. It is designed for men and women to react to orders and not so much to think for themselves. It often breaks down when there is no one to tell them what to do. This would be analogous to all of a sudden finding yourself alone and on the street without the tools to think for yourself.

I have been through both army and marine basic training (boot camps) as well as being a company commander of an army basic training company. I have watched and talked to those associated with such training in prison and find the premise of the prison boot camps totally unrealistic as the trainees face a world where they have to think for themselves. To impose discipline from the outside is ok if the structure continues after training. However, what is needed is internal discipline and that is not taught in military boot camps.

Nevertheless, the beat goes on: ‘……By housing the men together, the state has an easier time in providing services, a major concern among veterans’ advocates who say most veterans released from prison know little or nothing about the benefits available to them. Six months before their release, the inmates meet with an official from the Department of Veterans Affairs to get information and help with applications. They also receive counseling for post-traumatic stress disorder, if needed, and classes on how to prepare for jobs and for the mental and emotional hurdles they are expected to face in civilian life….”

Follow the link for more: In Florida, Using Military Discipline to Help Veterans in Prison

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