Neutrition basics for mothers and children

There have been two recent articles that may be very helpful for mothers coming out of prison and walking into a situation where they will quickly return as the primary caretakers to their children.

The first comes from an editorial in the New York Times. It would be funny if the consequences were not so dire and those are especially true for the kids of the nation. It points out that 80 percent of the antibiotics are sold to agriculture and that the FDA’s own research shows the danger to humans and also the animals. Then comes the biggest joke of all in that the FDA recommends voluntary measures to limit the use of these antibiotics. All of which makes a good arguments for organic food. Bad Call on Farm Drugs

A spin on the heavy use of drugs on the farm produces some unintended consequences.  Reports surface that teens are taking cow drugs for abortions

Then there is the surprise of surprises in another article from the associated press. “…It’s true — apple juice can pose a risk to your health. But not necessarily from the trace amounts of arsenic that people are arguing about.

Despite the government’s consideration of new limits on arsenic, nutrition experts say apple juice’s real danger is to waistlines and children’s teeth. Apple juice has few natural nutrients, lots of calories and, in some cases, more sugar than soda has. It trains a child to like very sweet things, displaces better beverages and foods, and adds to the obesity problem, its critics say….” Apple juice can pose a health risk — from calories

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