Some attention-deficit drugs in short supply


This is an interesting equation. The pharmaceutical industry is among the top five donators to the political process on a national level which is in the millions and millions of dollars.

Now, we have not even touched on the millions of dollars they spend influencing doctors with representatives and seminars to exotic locations.

Think in terms of the millions of dollars the pharmaceutical industry spends in terms of direct advertising in the popular media such as television and periodicals.

 No industry spends money without having expectations of that money earning further income. Just think in terms of how many pills they have to sell to raise the money they freely sprinkle in the political process of Washington, among the doctors of the nation and finaly to influence the decision making process of the public. Finally, think in terms of just what the pills would cost if they were not spending money on non-related issues associated with the development and production of pharmaceuticals.

 All that aside, this is promoting a drug culture that is and has become the gateway to addictions far more serious than the cures which they hope to affect. Case in point is the use of Adderal as a study aid by college students. For a further understanding, go to

Some attention-deficit drugs in short supply
Article from New York Times on Drug scarcity’s and coping mechanisms
Drug Scarcity’s Dire Cost, and Some Ways to Cope

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