The thin line between hazing and torture when crossed leads to felonies and homicide

On the surface college hazing sounds harmless and appears to be nothing more than teen age rituals. However, some of the news coverage has sent be back to the drawing board on this.

“……Bria Shante Hunter was punched in the legs and hit with spatula, notebook binders and rulers on consecutive days because she tried to get out of a group meeting, and she could not properly recite information about the club, her attorney and authorities said. She went to the hospital with a broken thigh, severe bruising and blot clots.

It’s part of the school. It’s the best band in the country and you want to be embraced,” said Hunter’s attorney, B.J. Bernstein. “You really have no choice but to be a part of it and that’s why the school must step in.”…” Attorney: Florida A&M band student beaten so severely during hazing she could barely walk

As I was having a cup of coffee on my morning ride, my mind was jerked back to Alice Miller and her book Drama of the Gifted Child or For Your Own Good. 

If you substitute parents for band then you have identical dynamics at play. Not only are we promoting violence and child abuse but we are promoting a double set of standards that what happens behind closed doors is not a crime.

This philosophy moves to the board rooms of corporations such as the pharmaceutical industry and the halls of government.

Then there was an editorial from the New York Times that pointed out “...Still, legends were to be made by the brothers who were most inventive, brutal or relentless, or by pledges who never flinched or cried aloud....” The Brutal Side of Hazing
FAMU Drum Major Death Ruled A Homicide
James Morgan: The thin line between hazing and torture

For many, this is the first experience of young men and women being on their own in an adult world. It is the college experience that all to often sets the stage for morality and ethics in the work place. Never mind perpetuating child abuse because my sense is that this was the case in many of those who participated.

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