Exposure to Violence and Arrests of American youth

The Pediatric Journal has come out with two articles that stand alone but are mutually supporting in scope. They deal with the amount of violence children are exposed to through the web and other forms of technology and the number of kids that find themselves arrested. Their main study points out: Nearly a third of the American youth will have been arrested by age 23.

Whereas the numbers and their growth rate is staggering, there is another factor that is overlooked.

1. I have seen it written that the state of Florida has more kids incarcerated the rest of the United States combined.

2. 24% of the inmates going to prison last year in the state of Florida were in the 0 to 24 age group. Their education level is an average of the 6th grade.

3. These kids are put into a situation where the national recidivism rate is 68 percent.

4.  They are put into a situation that converts non-violent offenders into violent offenders.

In a sense, this helps to explain why and how a lot of people end up running into conflicts with the law.

Here is the abstract of National Trends in Exposure to and Experiences of Violence on the Internet Among Children. There are links here to the full articles.


OBJECTIVE: To examine rates of technology-based violent experiences (eg, bullying, harassment, unwanted sexual experiences [USEs] perpetration, and victimization) and exposures (eg, hate sites) from 2006 to 2008 among US children.

CONCLUSIONS: Ongoing surveillance of text-messaging–based experiences is needed to understand trends as population usage rates begin to stabilize. General technology use is a predictive factor for almost all technology-based violent experiences and exposures. Age is also influential in explaining involvement in Internet-based experiences and exposures. Prevention programs should focus on reducing risk as youth age into later adolescence and to help heavy technology users manage their risk for violence involvement.


There are links to the full article at the abstract: Cumulative Prevalence of Arrest From Ages 8 to 23 in a National Sample

OBJECTIVE: To estimate the cumulative proportion of youth who self-report having been arrested or taken into custody for illegal or delinquent offenses (excluding arrests for minor traffic violations) from ages 8 to 23 years.

CONCLUSIONS: Since the last nationally defensible estimate based on data from 1965, the cumulative prevalence of arrest for American youth (particularly in the period of late adolescence and early adulthood) has increased substantially. At a minimum, being arrested for criminal activity signifies increased risk of unhealthy lifestyle, violence involvement, and violent victimization. Incorporating this insight into regular clinical assessment could yield significant benefits for patients and the larger community.

There are links to the full article at the abstract: Cumulative Prevalence of Arrest From Ages 8 to 23 in a National Sample

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