A new and more powerful pain killer on the market

Think in terms of a pill that contains up to 10 times the amount of hydrocodone as medications such as Vicodin being legally manufactured by the drug companies in 2012 and advertised in the popular media.

Now think in terms of  “According to data from the Drug Enforcement Administration, emergency room visits related to hydrocodone spiked from 19,221 in 2000 to 86,258 in 2009.”

I guess the satirical question is: Do the drug companies have the capacity to meet the demands of both the illegal and legal market? Well it looks as if they will make the supreme effort because four companies have thrown their hats in the ring and are testing the product.

It equals a Santa Claus for the drug companies and a nightmore for the emergency rooms.

Hydrocodone painkillers 10 times stronger than Vicodin being readied by drug companies
Hiding in ‘pain’ sight: Prescription drug abuse rising at an alarming rate in the city
Then there is this “…Seven million Americans abuse prescription drugs, more than the number who use heroin and cocaine combined, authorities said. And some 63% of teenagers nationally say they get these meds from their homes or their friends’ homes….”
DEA makes bid to curb teens from abusing Vicodin, Oxycontin with drug amnesty program


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